Teal and Mustard Birch Trees Beatrice Dress by Palava

$97.88 USD $174.00 USD

Beatrice in silver and mustard birch trees on a deep green teal background. The Beatrice dress has a rounded neck and wrist length sleeves.  The dress is fully lined in white cotton.  Throughout the print are little birds and leaves a perfect fall and winter dress!  The border print has deer, and a foraging person.  The fabric is a lovely organic cotton, a heavier cotton, ideal for this time of year and is also a biodegradable fabric.  The closure is a side zip.  This dress also comes with a matching sash belt. 

About the Print:  The Birch is a pioneer species and was one of the first trees to colonize Great Britain after the last ice age forming woodland.

We're particularly fascinated about Birch sap - it's slightly sweet, pure water. (if you give it a try, think about sugar while drinking it). Birch sap can only be collected when the sap is rising in early Spring, usually the first two weeks in March, but this varies depending on the weather conditions. Birch sap contains Betulin and Betulenic acid which are both great at boosting the immune system in humans. Tests have found that it can help the immune system recognize cancer cells and destroy them helping in the fight against cancer. 

The bark can be soaked in water and formed into a cast for broken bones. The bark can also be carefully peeled off to create fire lighters and does not harm the tree. At this time of year, there are four ingredients we can get from birch trees: tea from the twigs; spice; flour from the inner bark; syrup from the sap.

  • Made in the UK

Measurements, Bust/Waist/Length in Inches: (measurements are taken at rest, not by pulling the fabric tight)

US 4/ UK 8: 37"/28"/ 40"

US 6/ UK 10: 38"/30"/40"

US 8/ UK 12: 40"/31"/41"

US 10/ UK 14: 42"/33"/41.5"

US 12/ UK 16: 44"/35"/42"

US 14/ UK 18: 46"/37.5"/42

Palava fabrics are designed to be hand washed or machine washed at 30 degrees. It's always a good idea to wash with similar colours. For further details please refer to the label inside the garment.  They are unique - designed and hand illustrated by founder Bryony in their little London studio. Their dress production is environmentally friendly and always aims to use sustainable fabrics that have minimal impact on the environment and zero waste.