Little Golden Books x Unique Vintage Shy Little Kitten Swing Skirt

$88.00 USD

This charming gathered swing skirt is part of the UV collaboration with Little Golden Books! It features a cute pattern of The Shy Little Kitten playing and exploring through a green backdrop! The waistband is an imitation of the traditional spine of a Golden Book and adds a fun little detail to the style!

Has pockets!

Fabric: 100% Polyester

Measurements (Waist/Length/ Waist Band Width in inches):

Small: 25"/24"/ 1.5"

Medium: 28"/24"/1.5"

Large: 30"/24"/1.5"

X-Large: 32"/25"/2"

1X-Large: 36"/25"/2"

2X-Large: 39"/25"/2"