Easter Egg Bunny Brooch by Daisy Jean Floral

$34.00 USD

Daisy Jean's Bunny in an Egg brooch is inspired by a sugar-spun piece  DJ's Boss Babe's grandmother had in her collector's cupboard when she was growing up, it also pulls inspiration from European traditions of creating dioramas in real hollowed eggs. Featuring a bunny surrounded by flowers, his egg is topped with lace for a softer look.  

This year's collectors colorway is pastel lemon and pastel blue, with a golden bunny and pink/purple flowers. 

Designed in house by Daisy Jean, laser cut in Australia and hand made in house at Daisy Jean HQ.

Size (from highest to widest point) :  6.5cm H / 4.5cm W   2.5"H / 1.75" W