Lapis Blue Corduroy Stella Shirt Dress by Emily and Fin

$138.00 USD

Needlecord dress in a stunning lapis blue color.  The shirtwaist dress is a classic and this one has the perfect sleeves! These are not narrow sleeves and will fit those of us who have trouble with sleeves!  This dress has two front pleats and tow back pleats for fullness and hidden side pockets. This is a true shirtwaist and buttons all the way down. 

Made of 100% Cotton and the bodice is lined.  

Measurements (Bust/Waist/Length in inches):

XS/ US 4/ UK 8   36"/29"/43"

S/ US 6/ UK 10   37"/31"/43

L/ US 10/ UK 14   40"/34"/44"

XL US 12/ UK 16  44"/37"/45"