Lucinda-Rose Water Repellent Trench Coat by Miss Candyfloss

$225.00 USD

The Lucinda-Rose has double buttons on the bodice and a single row below the waist.  The hood has a zipper! Detach it from the coat when the rain has stopped and get a completely different look.

With red satin lining, the fabric doesn't stretch. Water repellent- for heavy rain, raincoat with detachable hood. This is the heavier weight Miss Candyfloss raincoat.

Fabric: 95% Polyester 5% Elastane, Lined in 100% Polyester

Made in Transylvania

Measurements, Bust/ Waist/ Length in Inches: No Stretch.

Fit Advise: Your measurements should be smaller than the measurements of the coat to fit properly and not pull.  

Small: 38"/31"/45"

Medium: 40"/33"/45"

Large: 42"/34"/46"

X-Large: 45"/37"/47"

2X-Large: 47"/40"/47

3X-Large: 50"/42"/47"

4X-Large: 53"/45"/48

5X-Large: 55”/48”/48”