Voyage of the Kraken Brooch by Daisy Jean Florals

$40.00 USD

Voyage of the Kraken brooch is truly a masterpiece. Featuring a fully enclosed compass, with the Kraken tentacles wrapped around and on it, this Kraken surely is a statement piece!  This design is multi-layered for a 3D experience.

Size (from highest to widest point) : 6cm H / 8cm W
Model:Scarlet Soda
Photography:Sherbet Birdie Photography

**Please note. While we do everything humanly possible to ensure the enclosed compasses are free of all fluff/fingerprints/marks etc prior to placing on the top layer, there may still be some small flaws of this nature within the design due to being completely handmade**

Laser-cut of resin acrylic in house by Daisy Jean Florals in Sydney Australia.