Wanda The Wombat Brooch by Daisy Jean

$35.00 USD

The Wanda The Wombat Brooch from Daisy Jean is truly stunning! All of the profits that Daisy Jean makes from their retail and wholesale sales of this brooch will be donated to the Wombat Sanctuary.

From Daisy Jean:

"The fires here in Australia have been devastating and we at Daisy jean would like to do our bit, so we have created two brooches to help raise funds for those that have been affected by the fires.

One of our resellers, Rocklily Wombats, who normally uses the proceeds from brooch sales to fund their Wombat Sanctuary, which have been hit hard by the fires. Even though they have been through the fires, they are still giving their all for the local wildlife.

So we have created this special wombat brooch, named Wanda to help raise funds to support their efforts. All profit will be passed directly to them. "

Designed, laser cut and assembled in house in Sydney Australia.

Size (from highest to widest point) : 6cm H / 6.5cm W