Millie Girl Spring Must Haves!

Posted on March 16 2016

Millie Girl Spring Must Haves!


Spring is finally here! One of my absolute favorite seasons in fashion. I love the florals, lighter color palette, and full skirts that make the warmer weather so much fun! I can also still have fun with layering as it is not too hot yet! Like me, I'm sure seeing all the shops stocked with spring goodies has inspired all of you to start building your spring wardrobe! I thought I would share a few of my favorite spring trends as well as a list of my top five must have clothing items and accessories for the season!

Spring 2016 Trends

So I actually didn't identify with many of the new fashion trends taken from spring runway shows. I am usually more drawn to super bright and feminine pieces for this season. I did however love the spring lines of two of my favorite designers, Kate Spade and Lena Hoschek.

Lena Hoschek always has the most fantastic vintage inspired dresses and skirts! I love her current theme of border print skirts and gorgeous floral full skirted dresses. The color palette is just perfect for spring featuring light pink and white with touches of navy (a favorite color combination of mine). Here are a few of my favorites from her runway show.

I'm noticing a theme of pastel stripes this season. Kate Spade, Milly of New York, and Modcloth all debuted campaigns featuring brightly colored pastel toned striped dresses and skirts! The pastel striped skirt below is my absolute favorite piece from Kate Spade's new line!

My Must Haves!

1. Full skirts

Full skirts are an absolute must for spring! Super feminine, fun, and great to mix and match printed tops with! The skirt that I am wearing below is a vintage piece but there are also so many great reproductions out there! We have some great full skirts right on the Millie website but stay tuned for many more new spring ones to come including this amazing circus print skirt by Hell Bunny!


2. Contrast collars

1960's style dresses with contrasting collars are another of my favorites for spring! I'm always on the hunt for one of these dresses! Check out our trapeze checkered dress to get this look! We are expecting many more of this style dress on the Millie site, including the awesome navy floral dress by Smak Parlor below!


3. Floral jackets

What is more feminine than a floral printed spring jacket? This jacket is actually from Kohl's by Elle! I like to wear a style that ties at the waist so it is super flattering over fit to flare dresses. However, I'm in love with trapeze style floral jackets too! Great over those 60's shapes!

4. Strappy flats

Tons of companies are coming out with strappy flats! Perfect for girls like myself who love to look at heels but need something a little more practical to be on their feet all day! I myself am still looking for a great pair! Super cute and comfortable! Here are some of my favorites from Boden.

We are expecting some of our own (like the adorable black pair below), so stay tuned!!

5. Novelty or Pastel colored purses

Spring is the best time to have fun with quirky novelty purses! Check out these awesome ones from Kate Spade. A little too much for you? I'm also lusting after powder blue and light pink crossbody purses! These are the perfect most understated finishing touch to any outfit!

Get out there and start searching for your own spring must haves! Also make sure to stay tuned to the Millie new arrivals page! We will be adding tons of great spring goodies in the next few weeks!
Until next time,
XOXO Kerri Morin,
Visual & Social Media Manager,
Modern Millie

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