Styling Tips for Dressing in Frigid Weather!

Posted on January 31 2019

Styling Tips for Dressing in Frigid Weather!

As I type this, it is currently 13 degrees in Salem, and even colder in other areas! It is COLD! When the temperature dips below zero, it is tough to think about getting dressed in anything but layers upon layers of fleece and thermals, but we all have places to be and people to see and dressing in a sleeping bag isn't always an option! We have some styling tips on how to feel cute and feminine while also feeling warm!

Step 1: Build your outfit from the inside out. Start with a fitted cotton top to work into the color scheme of your outfit, a warm pair of tights and a petticoat or slip. A petticoat may not be practical for everyone depending on where you are going, but it actually provides a good amount of insulation, and takes your look up a notch! 

Step Two: Build the outfit by matching a skirt to your fitted top and adding a perfect cropped cardi and belt to pull the look together!

Step 3: Add another layer and warm accessories to accent the outfit and add more warmth! By adding a looser fitting cardigan over the perfect cropped cardi and nipping it with a belt you won't feel too bulky-just cozier! 

Wear comfortable low heel booties for snowy streets and a beret that you can wear outside for warmth as well as inside as a fashionable touch to your outfit! Add a cute scarf for another cozy layer that also accentuates your color scheme! And what better way to make yourself smile on a cold day than a novelty bag?! 

Voila! The completed look is both comfy and cute! 

All pieces are currently available in the shop! You can also use this outfit as a model for other similar pieces we have, such as a different colored cropped cardi, top and skirt! And your foundation is something you can wear every day!  

As always, we are available for styling advice specifically tailored to you! Reach out to us at any time or come by the Salem Store and we'd be happy to help you!

Happy Winter Styling, Millie Girls! Only a few more months 'til SPRING! 



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