Carnivorous Plants Full Skirt in Navy by Eva Rose

$58.00 USD

Navy full skirt with a print of pink, blue, burgundy, yellow and seafoam.  You will see pitcher plants, Venus flytrap, and Borneo plants.  The print will go with so many colors!  This skirt has pockets and zips up the back! This is made of a cotton and elastane blend, there is some ease to the fabric but no real stretch.  

Fabric: 97% Cotton, 3% Elastane

Made in the USA
Measurements Waist/ Length
Small: 27" / 25" 
Medium: 29"/ 25" 
Large: 31"/ 26" 
X-Large: 33" / 26"
XX-Large 37"/26" 
1X-Large: 39"/26”
2X-Large: 41"/26”
3X-Large: 45"/26"
4X-Large: 48”/27”