Shipping and Covid-19

We want to thank you for your orders!  At this time, to be as safe as possible we are only only keeping one worker bee at the shop at a time.  This will cause a shipping delay of 1-3 days.  We apologize for that but know that it is for the safety of everyone. 

We pack your orders with clean hands and recommend upon arrival to dispose of the packaging (please recycle), and the contents are fine! The experts are saying that clothing if touched by an infected person, is clear of any germs in 12-24 hours, which is a shorter amount of time it takes to get to you.  NO one here is infected, so know that you are safe.  We are maintaining our return/ exchange policy as 14 days to return/ exchange and 24 days for store credit.  If you are unable to ship out, please let us know.  We want you to be safe!  We are however are a small business and like all other small businesses we are trying to make it out of this. Upon receiving returns they will be left alone, then hung and steamed to ensure they are safe. 

If you experience any issues with delivery during this time, we recommend contacting your local post office so they can assist you directly with your package. 

 Every sale matters and we appreciate you so much! Thank you for your support!