Meet the Millie Girls: " Life’s too short to wear something that doesn’t bring you joy!"

Posted on June 08 2017

Meet the Millie Girls: " Life’s too short to wear something that doesn’t bring you joy!"

Our Millie Girl this week is Elaine!

When I first met Elaine when she started shopping at Millie's, I found her to be the kind of woman you feel like you are already friends with.

She's also that customer who has a certain sense of style that inspires me to be more creative with fashion while staying true to who I am on the inside, which in turn  encourages me to pass that inspiration on to other women.

Elaine is a local Salem resident, and she won't talk about it too much, but she is an incredible artist!

I pounced on her one day recently when she popped in to shop to ask her if I could feature her on the blog, and she has this to say about her experience with Modern Millie over the years:

"I have been a customer of Modern Millie for over 10 years – since their Washington Street location, where the only thing that separated your dressing room from your neighbor’s was a curtain of old school LP covers. My how they’ve grown! 

I love Millie’s because they have such an eclectic assortment of vintage and consignment pieces. There really is something for every taste, body type and bank account. You can tell the employees really care about their customers. They are supportive, honest and stylish (and will sneak things into your closet they think will look great on you – they’re often right). You don’t get that kind of genuine service or passion at a mall. 

 I’ve always liked fashion. I’m an artistic person, so for me, fashion is just another way to express myself and tell my story. (Even if sometimes that story is “I haven’t done laundry yet.”) 

As a kid, I liked playing around with colors and trends. While my tastes have subdued a bit (no more Zubaz or hammer pants), I still gravitate toward the playful and unique.

I’m particularly drawn towards bright colors, graphic patterns, flattering silhouettes and more importantly comfort. If I have to fuss too much with a look or a garment, then it’s not for me. 

Over the years, Millie has helped me experiment with fashion. I’ve found some new loves and dumped other trends. They’ve helped me realize your clothes should make you happy – whatever your style. Life’s too short to wear something that doesn’t bring you joy!" 

*all featured outfits are Millie finds with the exception of Elaine's adorable childhood photo!


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