About Us

Welcome to our online store!  My name is Christine and I opened my first Modern Millie in Salem, Ma in 2006. The inventory was primarily vintage and modern consisting of about 90% dresses.  We LOVE our dresses.  My affection for "old" clothes started at a young age.  I was introduced to vintage by my grandmother who was a seamstress for the ILGWU.  Her skills in sewing by far surpassed anything I can create, it is truly a lost art, but I learned the basics and from there learned how to appreciate the construction of clothing. Vintage shopping and thrift shopping is a passion and my fellow thrifters understand the thrill of the hunt!  I wanted to open a business that had specifically the styles I like, so I started Modern Millie.  I love mixing vintage and vintage inspired with modern on trend styles, which is essentially our brand.  

Through the years we expanded to having a second location, an etsy shop and finally expanding our flagship Salem store to a  much bigger space (though honestly I would love an even bigger one).   Now we stock our racks and shelves with awesome new dresses, bags, shoes, hosiery and much much more!  We have since closed our second location because I was having my second child.  Who knew they were so much work!  I can't sit still for long and needed to expand in another way.  So here we are, presenting you with our online store of the new and the old which will grow and expand like our brick and mortar.

I know we will never meet most of you but we can always be reached through phone or email for style tips, sizing questions, requests, and feedback, or even your favorite recipe!  Just like if you stopped into our Salem store.  

This isn't possible with out my awesome staff members.  Laura, who has been with us for almost 10 years, is the GM and Kerri is the Salem store manager! You will get to know both of these ladies through blog posts and style updates. They are always super supportive of expanding the business.  Thank you for visiting our shop, we hope to see a lot of you around here!  




Proprietor and Millie Mama