Brand Spotlight: Retrolicious

Posted on November 16 2023

Brand Spotlight: Retrolicious

The Magic of Retrolicious

There's something truly special about discovering a family-owned company that values quality, uniqueness, and a touch of whimsy. Enter Retrolicious, a gem in the vintage inspired fashion industry that has been capturing hearts with their 100% cotton garments, unique staple patterns, and quirky, fun, and magical prints created by talented artists. Join us as we delve into the enchanting world of Retrolicious and explore what makes them one of our favorite brands.

100% Cotton Comfort:

One of the defining features of Retrolicious is their dedication to using 100% cotton fabric. This choice not only ensures a comfortable and breathable wearing experience but also aligns with their commitment to sustainability. By opting for natural fibers, Retrolicious reduces their environmental impact while providing customers with garments that feel soft against the skin and allow for easy movement and care.

Unique Staple Patterns and Size Inclusivity:

Retrolicious takes staple patterns to a whole new level. Their designs are a delightful blend of classic silhouettes with a modern twist. From their staple “Vintage Dress” cut to playful "skater skirts" and "bow tops", Retrolicious offers a range of styles that cater to various body types and personal preferences. The icing on the cake? Their sizes range from a true X-Small to a 4X-Large, making them size inclusive across the board. 

The fits are generally fitted at the bodice with higher necklines and a full skirt. As ALWAYS, we measure all of our pieces by hand when received in the shop. Typically, Retrolicious patterns run the same and customers tend to get their usual size, but always check our measurements to guide you. We are also always a quick message away if you need fit and styling advice!

Quirky, Fun, and Magical Prints:

What truly sets Retrolicious apart is their collection of prints that exude whimsy and charm. Choosing prints by talented artists, Retrolicious brings to life a world of imagination through their prints. From retro-inspired florals to kitschy motifs and even fantastical creatures, their prints are a visual feast that sparks joy and ignites the imagination. Wearing a Retrolicious piece is like stepping into a magical storybook, where every outfit tells a unique tale.

Supporting Artists and Local Production: 

Retrolicious is a brand that captures the essence of nostalgia, infusing it with a modern twist and a touch of magic. With their commitment to quality, use of 100% cotton fabric, unique staple patterns, and featuring talented artists in their prints, Retrolicious stands out as a beacon of authenticity and creativity in the vintage-inspired fashion community. We are proud to have been carrying their brand for many years!

So, if you're looking to add a dash of whimsy and charm to your wardrobe, look no further than Retrolicious - where every garment tells a story and every print sparks joy. Find our Collection HERE.

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