Feather Dress Hair Clips by Erstwilder

$40.00 USD

Well of course you'd love to know the secret behind their impressively silent flight: it's the unique feathers allowing them to hunt through the night.

• Original artwork by Terry Runyan
• Laser cut and hand assembled
• Height x Width: 1.5 in x 0.7 in | 3.7 cm x 1.9 cm
• 80% Acrylic Resin (Design), 20% Steel With Imitation Rhodium Plating (Clips)

Please be aware that resin is akin to ceramic and glass, and therefore may be damaged if dropped or knocked. Keep your Erstwilder jewelry neatly tucked away in your gift box when not being worn, avoid contact with perfumes, lotions, water and excessive sunlight, and you’ll have your piece for years to come. Clean gently by hand.